Superfly Guys

Superfly Guys

With what request they came

Superfly Guys is a company that provides video filming and object survey services using unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones are widely used in construction, agriculture, shooting films, clip arts and promotional videos. This technique allows you to quickly inspect a large area, study the situation and get accurate information.
Superfly Guys also uses tools to organize and analyze the data. The information gathered through drones serves as the basis for decision making by engineers, architects and business owners.

Вводные данные Input data


Services of video filming and inspection of objects using unmanned aerial vehicles


Briefly and clearly present all services, outwardly show the scope of use and capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles

Какие проводились работы What works were performed

During the dialogue with the client, we analyzed the services in detail, determined the content of the work and their specifics. The client briefly and clearly presented all services, outwardly demonstrated the scope of use and capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles.

It was necessary to develop the site structure and layout of each of the pages so as to clearly present all the client services and their advantages.

It was very important for a high-tech company to create an appropriate website design. We focused on solutions on competitors’ websites and the latest trends. A decision was made to use the Material Design developed by Google.

To design the pages, we selected the most realistic images. Thanks to this, the site better retained the attention of users. Conversion rate increased, behavioral factors improved.

Also on the site we used a non-standard bright color scheme. We have chosen an effective layout.

Полученный результат Obtained result

The result of the work is a functional and adaptive website that displays well on any device, brings a constant stream of applications for complex non-standard services. The customer’s brand has become more recognizable.

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