With what request they came

The client set the main task — to ensure the fastest traffic flow and a constant increase in the number of orders that the site will generate. The implementation of the client's general business plan and the dynamics of the development of the company largely depended on successful SEO promotion. Also, when analyzing the situation, we determined the specifics of the project and the difficulties that were important to take into account in the process of work. We will talk about them separately.

Вводные данные Input data


Khmelnytskyi city, Ukraine


Home textiles

The essence of the work:

To ensure the fastest traffic flow and constant growth in the number of orders

Какие проводились работы What works were performed

Online sales of home textiles is a highly competitive market segment in which it is important to ensure a steady flow of traffic and applications. It is also important to consider the specifics of a site that was created from scratch on a domain without history. How we managed to do this and what results we achieved, read on in our case on SEO promotion of home textile store.


The work with the site went in several directions. We will tell about each in more detail:


Semantics of the site

We worked simultaneously on the structure of the site and its semantics. This approach allowed us to take into account user factors and data that the collection of the semantic kernel (the set of key phrases by which the site is visible in the search) gave. Thanks to the experience of our SEO specialists, the use of professional services for analytics and clustering (phrase distribution across pages), we have assembled a semantic core and correctly casted keywords on landing pages. Subsequently, this accelerated the growth of the site’s position in the outputting and the influx of traffic.

The amount of information that we processed was quite large. The finished clustered semantic core of the site totaled more than 1000 requests.

The client identified priority product categories at the stage of work with semantics. These included:

  • bath towels;
  • kitchen towels;
  • baby towels and textiles;
  • meter long towels;
  • bed sheets.

Content for filling the site

We paid great attention to the analysis of content on competitors’ websites. To ensure the effectiveness of the texts, we carefully analyzed the structure of the descriptions of the competitors, the main indicators of the texts and topics of blog articles. Based on this information, we set tasks for copywriters. The total amount of content was more than 80 articles and 200 000 letters no spaces.

External site optimization

The site was new with no domain history. In this situation, we approached link building very carefully. At the first stages we bought a small number of links, but with the most authoritative resources. This allowed us to quickly switch to more aggressive promotion strategies and receive even more traffic. - Backlink Dashboard

Encountered difficulties and our solutions

Before starting work, the client chose the domain name “”. After 6 months of work of external optimization, the customer registered the trademark and decided to buy the “” domain. There was a need to correctly move the site, without significant loss of position. We have done some serious preparatory work. An SSL certificate was installed on the site at the time of the flit. As a result, after moving to a new domain, the site lost only 20% of its positions. Within a month, the positions recovered and further growth began.

Полученный результат Obtained result

Website traffic is constantly growing now. Currently, the site receives more than 10,000 unique visits per month and generates more than 400 orders.

трафик на сайт

In addition, we put more than 920 queries in Ukrainian into the Google top:

    • 342 search queries in the top 3;
    • more than 580 search queries in the top 10.


About 670 queries in Russian in the Google top:

    • 231 requests in the top 3;
    • more than 440 queries in the top 10.


We put more than 1010 requests in Ukrainian into the Yandex top:

    • 380 queries in the top 3;
    • more than 630 queries in the top 10.


More than 770 requests in Russian:

    • 279 requests in the top 3
    • almost 500 queries in the top 10


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