Khmelnytskyi’s events

Khmelnytskyi’s events

Client and his request

Khmelnytskyi's events — is a project, created by our company which is aimed to inform about all the most interesting events, that take place in Khmelnytskyi. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Khmelnytskyi’s events


Inform about all the most interesting events

Какие проводились работы Aims and tasks on project:

  • Promote groups in Telegram and Viber.
  • Engage people — dwellers of Khmelnytskyi, who want to know about current local events.
  • Make people interested in events in the city.


Course of actions:

Groups were created from scratch by company Outsourcing team. They function on two platforms: Viber and Telegram. At first, we picked visualization for publications in one style:

Using the Controller Bot we add quizzes, that help us to follow the activity of the audience:

In the content we use previously prepared pattern. According to this pattern, each publication must include name of event, its short description, place of meeting, time and entry price, and also, if the registration is obligatory, all links for registration are mentioned.

The information is collected from different sources, news portals. It is thoroughly worked through and published in corporate style.

On the beginning of the project the targeting advertising was launched with PR aim.


Promotion of the channels

For channel promotion people used targeting advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

We have created two campaigns — one with advertising in Viber and second on the Telegram channel.

As our auditory we have chosen all Khmelnytskyi dwellers, age 16-60 years old.

For our announcement we used photos and videos. As a result, both formats had shown almost the same click price.

All advert was held through Instagram ans Facebook stories.

As a result, during the promotion period +1500 people started following our Viber group and +800 — Telegram channel.


Полученный результат Results of the project:

Khmelnytskyi’s events — is a non-profitable project yet. But we are doing that for the city, so that people could comfortably and easy find entertaining and upcoming events for them and their close people.


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