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Launching and maintaining a page on Instagram is a great way to attract the attention of an active and solvent audience to a business. But very often it happens that the page grows only the number of subscribers, but the rate of posts and activity remain minimal. In this case, we will tell you how to avoid this and how, with the help of the quest, in a short period of time, we activated the audience of the page and raised the coverage of posts at times.

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

L'umore cafe


To achieve greater brand awareness and increase cafe attendance.

Какие проводились работы Our actions

The owners of L’umore cafe contacted us. There was a need to increase the audience and intensify communication on the page in order to achieve greater brand awareness and increase cafe attendance.

An analysis of the situation showed that the best solution would be to use the activity of those users who have already been subscribed to the page. This resource has become a starting point.

We built the mechanics of the quest very simply:

  • First, we mentioned the cafe tags on Instagram and found a photo from the cafe, which was published by one of the active subscribers of the page and regular visitors.
  • Then we published this photo already on the cafe’s official page, tagged the subscriber, and thanked her for the beautiful shot.
  • The third step — in the same post, we reported that we are launching a quest for page subscribers and cafe visitors. We asked the user who posted the photo whether she would participate.
  • After that, we published a story in the stories about the quest that we are launching. This decision fueled the attention of users.
  • The first competition task we published in stories. It was a question about which of the listed drinks is not on the coffee shop menu. Answers had to be sent to direct. An additional step is to make a post about the competition.
  • We published the second question in a standard post. It was associated with drawings on sugar stickers.
  • The third and final task is to pronounce the name of the cafe correctly. The answer had to be recorded on video and published in stories. And the participant had to mark the cafe page.

Полученный результат Result

After the quest, the activity on the page remained almost at the same level as during the competition. Recognition of cafes has also improved and attendance has increased.

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