With what request they came

“Maiborsky” — is a new residential area, which is building in one of the coziest districts of Khmelnytskyi city — Rakovo. Project owners are planning to build three entryways which will be situated on the closed territory of this building zone. Around the residential area are located many parks, schools, kindergartens, sport grounds and it has a good traffic interchange. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

“Residential Area “Maiborsky”


Increase sales request, improve sales and make people loyal to the developer.

Какие проводились работы Які роботи проводилися


Aims and tasks on the project:

  • Promote social network — Facebook.
  • Create a high quality content.
  • Get interested followers.
  • Increase sales request, improve sales and make people loyal to the developer.


Course of actions:

The client already had accounts on social networks. We renewed them, removed useless information and created a corporate style of page maintenance. We had filled and prepared the account, before working over the content.

1. First, we published company’s history, and there we highlighted its main advantages.

2. We created corporate style of page guiding, using company’s colors and logo in our publications.

3. Posting stories on Facebook every day, we remind our clients about flexible conditions and advantages of our building company.

4. We added tap “Service” for clients’ convenience. There we posted variants of entryways spacing with description of quadrature of every flat.

5. We also added “Shop” tap and posted there all possible variants of planning in residential house.

6. Every Sunday we publish information about house decoration, interior and coziness. In this way we keep people engaged both those who are going to buy an accommodation and those who already bought it.

7. Every day we thoroughly moderate the page, cultivate requests and answer messages.

Полученный результат Result

We keep on working over the page. Our current aim is to go on helping to sale apartments in residential area “Maiborsky”

Recently we started a new heading with phrases about home and coziness. In the future a professional photo session in the building area is planned so that we could have more live photos for the content.

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