Miasnyi Market

Miasnyi Market

With what request they came

“Miasnyi Market‘ — is a trading network of meat products. The first shop was opened in Khmelnytskyi. A few months ago the new store started to work in Khmilnyk. Our company Outsourcing team runs the promotion of the shop on social networks. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Miasnyi Market


To achieve greater brand awareness.

Какие проводились работы Aims and tasks on page promotion:

  • Promotion of Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Creation of high quality publications.
  • Engagement of targeting audience.
  • Increasing the level of store sales.
  • Informing the readers about the new meat shop “Miasnyi market”.
  • Announcing the shop opening.


Course of actions on promotion:

The client didn’t have accounts on social networks before. We made them from scratch and filled them with content before the store has opened. That was done in order to increase the interest of future customers to relevant publications and “tasty” photos.

The main aim of guiding the page is to make the brand more popular. That is why we made the style of the “Miasnyi Market. Khimilnyk” similar to that of “Miasnyi Market” Khmelnytskyi’s account. The name of the page, profile photo and covers for the actual stories of these two accounts are common. Besides, we added the page description, action buttons, store address and contacts.

Before writing the content, we had filled and prepared Instagram and Facebook accounts. The visual of page “Miasnyi Market. Khmilnyk” is a little bit different from that of Khmelnytskyi shop.

1. When the store had opened, we changed the previous page design since we got relevant photos of the shop with the products, shop staff and it’s customers in them.

2. For the Facebook account we have written and published a history of the company and created the adaptive Facebook cover.


3. We have been announcing the shop opening every day in order to engage the potential customers. We have also made a giveaway in honor of the event.

4. During the giveaway we have made a mailing list for our targeting audience and invited them to take part in it.

5. In order to inform our targeting audience about opening, we have launched the event advertising on Facebook:

Полученный результат Result

After two months of promoting the Facebook account the quantity of followers is 752. We have posted the same content on Instagram and now 185 people are following the page.

We continue running pages on social networks. Our work contains publishing reviews on the products, entertaining content and recipes. In the future we want to tell more about the events where the store can present it’s wares, for instance — tastings.

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