With what request they came

Nosorog — is a Ukrainian trading network of toys, office articles, cloths, accessories, means of hygiene and house articles. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:



Toys, office articles, cloths, accessories, means of hygiene and house articles shop

Какие проводились работы Aims and tasks on page promotion:


Aims and tasks on page promotion:

    • Promote the business-page on Facebook.
    • Publish high quality content.
    • Engage people on the page.
    • Create an interesting community with relevant topics.
    • Increase the level of Internet-orders.


Course of actions:

Our specialists created the business account from scratch. We were using different methods, devices and tools of company promotion.

1. Firstly, we added data on the “Information” tab — the info that will help our Target Audience to learn more about us and to contact us. We are controlling the relevance of data and make changes if there is a need.

2. We have been changing the visualization of the page during the promotion period. In order the targeted audience get used to the brand, we need to publish visual content with its logo. That is the main rule we followed in the previous visualization and now:

Previous visualization: 


We kept the logo, having changed the colors and pictures. This way, we made them more vivid and inviting to the eye.


3. Sometimes our specialists launch targeted advertising in order to increase the quantity of readers. But, as a rule, the number of followers gets bigger due to organic promotion of the publications in communities, and also thanks to inviting the potential readers to like the page.

As was mentioned before, new readers come not due to the advertising. Thus, once we have published a viral post about the latency period of different diseases. Since our targeting audience are mothers — the post got popular in a little while. According to the statistical data, 18 thousand Internet-users shared the post, and it reached 900+ thousand people. That is a vivid example of professional situational marketing:

4. Topics for publications are diverse. We can write about separate goods as well as touch the problems, which are interesting and relevant for our followers.

That’s why we have posted poems for children, mommies can read and learn with their kids:


But basically, we combine the pleasant with the useful: we write about some product and give practical advice on how to use it:

In general, each post includes useful info, which makes it interesting for the targeting audience.


Полученный результат Results of the executed work on the promotion of business-page “Nosorog”: 

1. We continue promoting the Facebook page. We constantly publish interesting posts, every day we share stories on Instagram:

2. Our next step on promotion is to increase the readers’ feedback using the situational marketing.

3. Now there are 6000+ followers of the page. And more and more people get interested in the wares every day.

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