River Island

River Island

About our client

River Island — is a cottage town built for those who appreciate calm and silent lifestyle. It is located on the banks of the Dnieper in the Boryspil district of Kyiv region. There are several types of cottages here: Riviera, Modern, High Tech and Perfect. In addition to the construction itself, the company also provides interior design services. The infrastructure of the town is impressive: the whole area is guarded, surveillance cameras are installed on the streets, there are grocery stores, a lounge area and a summer bar, modern children's and sports areas, a water transport parking pier and guest parking. This is the perfect place for people who appreciate reliability, comfort and safety.

Вводные данные Input Data:


Kyiv, Ukraine



Какие проводились работы Our work

Project goals and objectives:

  • create high-quality pages on social networks;
  • come up with an account administration strategy;
  • increase the number of the target audience;
  • create a positive brand image to increase sales.

Our SMM-specialists created pages on Instagram and Facebook from scratch.

At the request of the customer, the visualization of accounts should be simple and concise. Therefore, in the design of the pages we used only the brand logo:


We created a business account on Instagram. It is through a business profile that you can track page activity, retrieve statistics, launch targeted ads, and communicate with your audience.

We gave the correct name to the Cottage Town page, as potential buyers would search for the Cottage Town instead of specifying a company name.

The profile header indicated that the houses were located on the banks of the Dnieper and added a contact phone.

Firm covers for current stories were highlighted, highlighting the highlights of the project: about us, the exterior, construction, location, and more. And also buttons for communication are added:


For the Facebook page, we wrote the company’s history, and also added contacts:



At first, we used only graphic 3D drawings for page visuals. These are models of houses that are under construction. Their plus is that the potential buyer sees the final result of the builder’s work:


But later they were replaced with live photos of houses so that potential customers could better evaluate them:


Over time, we began to dilute the photo content with different videos with the building processes. This helped to increase page views:


There was also published the post about the stages of the building process. This helped to increase the level of confidence in the developer because people were told not only about the final result but also about the work that is being done now.

      1. Every day on Instagram and Facebook pages were published stories describing the benefits of River Island:


Also, to improve the perception of stories, we used nice music.

For promotion on Facebook, publications were distributed in thematic groups selling real estate in Kyiv.


Полученный результат Results

We have experience in managing and promoting development companies’ pages on social networks. All previous clients are satisfied with the results of our cooperation, we regularly publish posts and stories, heating interest in the company. We launched targeted advertising and developed quizzes to collect customer contact information. In addition, in order to check the quality of the leads processing, our employees regularly make a “mystery client” call and give feedback to the client.

Every week SMM managers offer improvements for social media pages. It was suggested to post videos of the building process and make a guided tour of the town so that people can see the benefits of the cottages.

We know that the target audience on social networks makes the decision whether or not the information is interesting in just two seconds. That is why our texts are short, concise and as informative as possible. Over the course of administering the page, Instagram has got 756 subscribers. There are 2476 subscribers to Facebook. As we continue to work on promotion, the number of interested buyers is growing.

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