Volnovaskiy khlibozavod

Volnovaskiy khlibozavod

With what request they came

Volnovaskiy Khlibzavod — is a modern and perspective producer of bakery goods. It is situated in Donetsk region and is a member of companies group “Afrodita”. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Volnovaskiy khlibozavod


To achieve greater brand awareness.

Какие проводились работы Aims and tasks on page promotion:


  • Promote Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Publish high quality content.
  • Engage people on the page.
  • Sales increase.
  • Developing loyalty to the brand.


Course of actions: 

The client already had pages on social networks. Our specialists removed the useless information, created the unique content and personal brand style.

Before writing the content, we have made the following actions:

  • Made the full page description.
  • Added the button “Contact us”.
  • Added address of the company.
  • Pointed the contacts.


1. We have chosen the brand’s logo for the profile photo. In accordance with its colors, we also chose covers for actual stories on Instagram.

2. For the Facebook account we have written and published a history of the company and created the adaptive Facebook cover.

3. We made a range of posts with logo pictures so that the page obtained the unique style and harmonic visual.

4. Posting stories on Facebook and Instagram every day, we inform our followers about the variety of goods and engage them to buy those goods.

5. Before the New Year celebrations we have launched a giveaway for the followers. It went on for 3,5 weeks. More than 1500 followers took part in the giveaway on our Facebook page. We answered each comment. Easy conditions of the contest and attractive picture let us engage that amount of competitors.

The organic coverage of the giveaway publication is 72+ thousand people. One of the conditions of the content was to repost the publication. That’s why more people could see the post.

Just the same contest was launched on Instagram. In order to engage more participants, we left the link to Instagram post on Facebook account. We explained to followers that if they take part in the Instagram giveaway — they have more chances to win.

In the contest on Instagram page took part more than 100 people. They left over 750 comments.

6. We designed the tap “Offers” on Facebook account and arranged there the list of goods, their description and photos.

Полученный результат Result

After two months of promotion of the Instagram page the amount of followers increased to 402 (43 was at the beginning). During the same period of time the number of readers on Facebook account reached 1742 (93 followers before). The content on both pages was the same.

Now we continue to promote accounts. Our specialists are planning to highlight the volunteering activity of the company. Especially lead-up of different workshops and also performances of dancing group “Vista”, which is supported by the company for a long time.

Also, we began to work on launching the targeted advertising B2B and B2C.


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