Zelenyi Zabor

Zelenyi Zabor

Who is our client

Zelenyi Zabor is a commercial organization that implements, delivers, installs and maintains artificial green fences. The company was the first to open this market in Ukraine. The manufacture is located in Turkey and meets the highest quality standards. Only environmentally-friendly materials are used to make the green fence.

The company Zelenyi Zabor is engaged in the construction of turnkey fences, renovation and modernization of existing fences, decoration of facades and interiors, production of decorative structures for homes, offices, apartments and the like.

In order to get as many people as possible aware of services, the product, and its benefits, the company manager has contacted us for corporate social networking services on Instagram and Facebook.

Вводные данные Input Data:




Green design fence

Какие проводились работы Our work on SMM promotion

Tasks and goals on the project:

  • come up with an account administration strategy;
  • increase the number of target audience;
  • motivate people to buy goods.

The design of accounts on social networks was done in accordance with the wishes of the client: the design color, the style of posts, as well as the watermark in all the photos. The last one was done due to the fact that other unscrupulous companies used photographs of the goods of the client without permission. Now such fraud is impossible. From time to time we dilute the photo content with images with text. Thanks to the right color, it looks harmonious and interesting:


We are performing the following works on social media promotion:

Created bookmarks for actual stories on Instagram, where people can find the necessary information about the company’s affiliates, reviews, how the fence looks and its properties:



The number of followers on your Instagram account is growing every day. To engage the target audience, we use the giveaway method. For example, on New Year’s Eve, we presented 10 umbrellas and a box of champagne. Such activities help to increase the number of subscribers and, in the future, — customers.

We carefully work on creating quality content: we do not use unfamiliar words, as well as phrases that can be negatively perceived by readers, post only the necessary and interesting information about the product, properly structuring it to make it easier for readers to perceive and necessarily in every post we call to action and leave the phone number. All comments are immediately answered:


To find more clients, we regularly post publications about the company in thematic groups on Facebook:


This is an effective way to find new customers.

If a person saw our ad and went to the page, we invite him to follow the profile:


Those people who came to the page after seeing ads on other publics are a “warm audience”. There is a high probability that they will order something, so we do not leave them unattended.

Communication with subscribers on social networks is our daily work. We answer questions in comments and personal messages, tell people about the product, and also connect potential clients with managers for professional consultation.

Полученный результат Our results

Due to our regular daily account promotion efforts, we were able to achieve the following results:

Today 4363 followers follow the company profile on Instagram.


There are currently 1595 followers on Facebook:


Every week, we make a content plan, develop visualizations, and offer improvements that can increase audience engagement: more video content on how to set fences, contests, focus on stories, and the like.

The number of requests from the target audience is increasing every day. People who are interested in Zelenyi Zabor products write to us on Facebook and Instagram.

This is the result of a competent SMM strategy and a customer-centric approach to business.

Do you want to achieve such results? Then contact us. Experienced SMM specialists will help to promote your busines on social networks.

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