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KP BRED is a state structure that deals with issues of road repair and operation. The company provides a full range of road services:

  • asphalt laying;
  • sale of asphalt;
  • equipment rent;
  • signs and road markings;
  • cleaning the area.

The main problem was that the residents of Khmelnytsky did not know about the existence of this utility. And when they needed some repairs, they ordered machinery and asphalt from other cities in Ukraine.

That is why the company's management has decided to create a site that should be concise and fully inform potential customers about all the services provided by the company.

Вводные данные Input Data:




Creating a concise and informative site.

Какие проводились работы The progress of website development

Taking into account all the wishes of the client, we began to create a technical task and directly to the development of the site. It was created using the Tilda site constructor. This platform is special by the big number of  website patterns where one can with easily and, most importantly, quickly create web resources.

However, our developers decided to create a completely unique and original site without using any template, but with their own design in order to implement new pages and add interesting elements, to create additional forms and buttons.

In order to diversify the site with interesting elements, we used 3D models and animation (moving elements).

The site is made in black and white, which form the background of the page, and the forms for communication and buttons are highlighted in yellow, which stands out among other elements of the site:

создание сайта КП Бред

For each service provided by the company, a separate page was created with a detailed description of the offer, equipment, prices, etc. Individual pages open in new windows, because it is not just a one-page template site, but a full-fledged web resource created on the Tilda platform.

This is what the pages look like. Here the potential client sees the answers to all questions that may arise about the work of the company:

Each page has forms for communication: “Find out the price”, “I’m waiting for a call” or “Order services” and a place so that a potential customer can leave their contacts and not be lost. In general, web pages that do not have contacts or only a mailing address lose customers. Few potential customers are willing to write an email to the company, because everyone subconsciously understands that such correspondence will take a long time.

We also integrated online chat on the website with the Bitrix24 service. All messages from the site are dropped into the Bitrix system, where they are processed by the manager.

In addition, our designer has developed a concise and stylish logo for KP BRED, which reflects the activities of the company and harmoniously combines with the visual of the site:

Лого КП Бред

In order to track the activity of users of the web resource, we have connected additional services for analytics. Now the customer can watch how users behave on the site, what buttons they press, what information they read, and so on.

Полученный результат The results of site development

Our team has created a site that not only has a unique design and interesting animation, but also contains concise and well-structured information about the company and the services it provides.

There is a brief description of each work process, as well as many forms for feedback.

The connected analytics service allows you to track user actions. This is a set of actions: developing a user-friendly site interface and customizing search engine advertising are effective tools for promoting business on the Internet.

The site is created, filled with information and optimized according to all the requirements of search engines and now. Google ads is launched to increase the number of customers.

Do you want to get a quality website that will bring you new customers? Or maybe you need a comprehensive promotion of your business? Then contact us and get a detailed consultation on how this can be done.

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