Client and his request

Our client is an expert in the field of construction machinery and equipment in Ukraine and Kazakhstan for 15 years. The main focus of the company is the sale of construction equipment and machinery. The company was founded in 2004 and for the entire time of its activity has completed more than 7 thousand projects.

A client asked us to optimize sites in order to attract new customers and increase the number of clients by improving positions in the search engine.

Вводные данные Input Data:


Ukraine, Kazakhstan


sale and rent of building equipment


ensure a steady increase in traffic, orders and improve positions in search engines

Какие проводились работы The progress of site optimization and promotion

Technical audit

Doing a technical audit helped us to identify the problems with the resource and what needs to be improved or changed on the site. If one does not pay attention to the small shortcomings of the site, they accumulate and can lead to the fact that the search engine will index and rank the site worse.

The user will also encounter errors, which will lead to a deterioration in positions, including a behavioral factor (user actions in relation to a particular website).

We have identified the following problems:

1.404 errors (standard response code of the webserver if it cannot find the requested page on the site).

Causes of occurrence:

  1. a) an error in the address of the link;
  2. b) the document has been deleted from the resource;
  3. c) incorrect redirect to page, changed address;

2. 500 errors (internal server error).

Causes of occurrence:

  1.  incorrect rights to the folders or files of the site;
  2.  the long duration of the code;
  3.  there is no free RAM.

3. 3xx redirects (automatically redirect visitors to the new URL).

  • they steal the weight of links since links do not completely transmit it;
  • spend crawling budget (this is the number of URL links on the site that can be crawled by Google), pages can be poorly indexed.

4. Duplicate pages (the same content is available at different addresses).

5. Security issues (increases the likelihood of a site hacking).

6. CNC addressing (this is the address of the page, simple and understandable for the user of the site and search engines).

For example:

  • Uppercase URL
  • URL has various invalid characters (, ‘);
  • Invalid URL structure

7. Cyclic links (they got their name because they have the ability to redirect the user to the same page on which he is already located).

8. Robots.txt (the file that gives search bots recommendations: which pages/files should be crawled).

9. Missing H1 (the main title of the page is an important element of optimization).

10. Slow website loading speed.

Causes of occurrence:

  • unconfigured page caching,
  • unoptimized photos;
  • extra scripts are connected that are repeated or not used;
  • styles are duplicated or not used.

11. Analysis of resource indexing. Using Search Console, Topvisor, Site: we conducted an analysis of indexed pages in search engines and determined a plan for further actions.

12. Analysis of the correct operation in various browsers. We analyzed the correct operation of web resources in various browsers for serviceability, the correct display of site elements.

13. Resource adaptability for various devices. We conducted an adaptive website layout analysis for the reflection of elements in various gadgets (smartphones, computers, tablets).

This analysis showed us what needs to be improved. As a result of the audit and correction of technical errors, the web page began to rank better and became more convenient for users.

Competitor analysis

We used a number of methods to analyze competitor sites in the construction industry. We drew attention to the methods and means of promoting to improve the competitiveness of our site. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the site and found new growth points.

Site structure and semantic core

First, we put together a broad structure (we are gradually implementing it), analyzing the competitors and the client’s assortment. After collecting the structure, they started the semantic core. Thanks to the experience and the use of professional services for analytics and clustering, we have assembled a semantic core and correctly distributed keywords on landing pages. In the future, this accelerated the growth of the site’s position in search results and increased traffic.

Site meta tag optimization

Based on the analysis of competitors and keywords, they wrote and optimized meta tags for sites. We also periodically review meta tags and improve them.

What the meta tags look like is shown below:

мета теги

Writing technical specifications for copywriters and posting texts on the site

Text is an important ranking factor. If the site has a unique and understandable text that solves the user’s question, this will attract more visitors and increase traffic on the site.

After writing the text, we will certainly provide it for approval to the client.

Moving the website

The site has changed the structure of the categories to increase landing pages for a specific request. Before the site moved, we made an extended redirect map, thanks to which the positions did not decrease significantly, but quickly recovered.


We have implemented linking (linking site pages with links) on category pages, products and in articles. Our results:

  • Convenience and ease of use of the site;
  • Improving behavioral factors;
  • The distribution of the “weight” of the site.

External optimization

внешняя оптимизация

Placement of crowd links

In order to place crowd links on the site, we used various high-quality resources, where there is a commenting function, these include:

Sites with reviews.

Thematic forums.

крауд ссылка

Results of external website optimization:

  1. Additional traffic involved
  2. Brand awareness,
  3. Increase the effectiveness of SEO optimization.

Placement of links on trust and thematic sites

We analyzed the competitors and wrote out the top platforms on which we want to accommodate and gradually published our links there.

What in the end did it give us:

  • improvement of credibility$
  • increasing of positions;
  • the attraction of users to the website from sources on which articles were published with a link to the site;
  • improvement of resource image.

We also regularly check and reject harmful links through the Google Disavow Tool.

Adding the micro-distribution to the site

We added micro-marking to the site to structure the information posted on the web resource.


Micro distribution helped search engines to better understand and, accordingly, display information that is placed on the page.

Also, the snippet (a fragment of the text information of the site, displayed by the search engine in the search results) has become more attractive for the transition.


Проведение аудита на удобство пользования сайтом и коммерческих факторов

Conducting an audit on the usability of the site and commercial factors

Using usability audit, we found and fixed errors in the interface, as well as the impact on the KPI (key performance indicators) of the site.

Commercial factors of a site are elements and characteristics of a web page that influence customer confidence. In other words, CF is everything that helps or prevents a site visitor from buying something on it (delivery information/lead form/phone number on the site).

As a result, we received qualitative changes on the site that improved the conversion of visitors to customers and allowed us to increase the site’s performance without increasing the monthly advertising budget.

Adding new text areas on commercial pages

New text areas have been created on the site. Example:




As a result of this, we were able to improve positions in search results.

Полученный результат Results of SEO optimization and website promotion

Summing up the work we did, we can say that traffic indicators and positions have improved significantly.

Our SEO-specialists have implemented many experiments to improve positions in the search engine. Today, the client’s sites have everything in order to successfully compete in the market, have good growth dynamics of traffic and positions.

Результат нашей работы:


Google (с такими показателями мы начали работать):

перед продвижением

По Google выдачи сегодня (вот таких показателей мы достигли после проведенной работы):

По Yandex выдачи в августе (с такими показателями мы начали работать):


По Yandex выдачи сегодня (вот таких показателей мы достигли после проведенной работы):

август результат

А также результаты трафика:

трафик август


По Google выдачи в сентябре (с такими показателями мы начали работать):


По Google выдачи сегодня (вот таких показателей мы достигли после проведенной работы):


По Yandex выдачи в сентябре (с такими показателями мы начали работать):


По Yandex выдачи сегодня (вот таких показателей мы достигли после проведенной работы):


А также результаты трафика:


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