Belveder city

Belveder city

Challenges of the campaign

Taking into account the peculiarities of the business and sales strategy, the main goal of the campaign was to attract leads to request detailed information about free houses (prices and project details).

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Belveder city — a cottage town in Kiev.

Region of work:

Ukraine, Kyiv region

Advertising dates and deadlines:

September 2017 — December 2018.

Какие проводились работы Method of implementation and chosen type of announcements

The facebook network was selected for the campaign. The optimal placement in these cases is a news feed. When clicking on the publication the lead form opened. To request detailed information you need to enter your contact details in it.

The main feature of the campaign was that we tested several different audiences and adjusted advertising settings every day, disabling advertising for groups with low indicators. As a result, already in the first weeks of the campaign it was possible to find several target audiences for which advertising was most effective. The CTR criteria and the number of targeted actions have increased.

The campaign was long, at all stages we made certain adjustments and analyzed indicators. This allowed us to evaluate the quality of the work done and improve the final result.

Полученный результат Obtained result

The best thing to say about the work done is the numbers. Look at the campaign totals:

  • The price for attracting one lead is 70 hryvnias (167 rubles).
  • 73759 hryvnias — the total budget for collecting leads.
    • Total leads received through advertising — 1051.
  • Total ad displays — 306113.
  • The total coverage of publications — 96162.
  • 17.4% is the conversion rate from clicks to leads.
  • Total click-through rate — 1.97%.

We have completed the tasks and Key Performance Indicators. Currently, most of the houses have been sold. The client is completely satisfied with the result.

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