Kartoha Fri & Lucky roger

Kartoha Fri & Lucky roger

With what request they came

The purpose of the advertising company is to get the maximum of orders on the site using targeted advertising on social networks. In this case, it was necessary to optimize the cost of attracting one application.

Вводные данные Input data


Starokonstiantyniv, Slavuta and Shepetivka.


Food and drinks delivery

Какие проводились работы Implementation and selected type of announcements

The result of any advertising campaign depends on several factors. Among them:

  • the right choice of social network;
  • choosing the right ad format;
  • ad settings.

In this case, we chose targeted advertising on Instagram, as this network has the most potential customers for the client. It was decided to advertise in stories. For the announcement, our targetologist created banners that show the main categories on the client’s site: burgers, sushi and pizza. When you click on one of the dishes, the corresponding page of the site opens.

We also developed three different designs for ads, for each of the cities. We tracked the effectiveness of each of the options.

The first image worked best for all cities – the most favorable click cost and 92% of all ad clicks were made with this particular design.

Полученный результат Promotion results

Throughout the advertising campaign, statistics and expenses were carefully monitored to evaluate effectiveness. We got the following results:

  • Total clicks on ads — 1151.
  • The cost of one click is 0.32 hryvnia (0.78 rubles).
  • Covered — 9,428 users.
  • Click-through rate was 4.7%.
  • 377 UAH were spent on advertising.
  • The cost of one order from advertising is 8.8 UAH.
  • Total orders received — 42.

Stay tuned for our case studies of SMM, targeted advertising, and other online marketing areas. There is still a lot of interesting materials ahead.

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