Targeted advertising to promote the Well-Trained Eng English language school

Targeted advertising to promote the Well-Trained Eng English language school

Information about the client

Well-Trained Eng — is a modern English language school that conducts classes on an interactive platform online. Therefore, anyone can join the training from a laptop: phone or tablet at a convenient time. 

The educational material is analyzed on the basis of films, clips, interviews. Students receive a list of relevant words in Quizlet format for quick memorization, and also hone 5 language skills: Speaking, Listening, Use of English, Reading and Writing.

The school offers the first trial lesson for free to understand the approach to learning and get to know the teachers. The student can then choose one of three courses: 

  • full for a year;
  • conversational for a month;
  • grammar+colloquial for a month.

One of the benefits of — this is an opportunity to cancel or reschedule a lesson without losing payment. 

Customer Goal

By the time we began our cooperation, the customer did not yet have an Instagram account or a Facebook page.

Our task was to set up and launch targeted advertising on social networks to attract customers to 2 types of English courses.

Вводные данные Input data




English courses

Какие проводились работы Progress

Before starting work on the project, we conducted a detailed audit. We studied the market, accounts and advertising creatives of competitors, the USP of our customer, the needs of the target audience.

Then we estimated the amount of work needed to achieve KPI (20 leads per week) and formulated a plan for further work:

  1. Develop a marketing strategy and media plan for the project.
  2. Choose a design style for social networks and advertising creatives.
  3. Create and fill social networks with content.
  4. Create an advertising account on Facebook.
  5. Determine the target audience and goals of advertising campaigns.
  6. Run ads for a test period.
  7. Track results and process leads.

Marketing strategy and media plan

Based on the audit data, we formed a strategy for promoting the account using targeted advertising and planned the optimal budget.

Creative design

English language courses are aimed at people of different levels of knowledge, different ages and preferences. Therefore, it was important that the visual design of the account and creatives cover a wide “motley” audience and be associated with learning English.

We settled on a combination of live photos and simple illustrations with a British theme. For each target audience, their own creative ideas were developed.


Instagram content

After creating an Instagram account, we started filling it from scratch according to the content plan. Each post gradually introduced the new user to the benefits and opportunities of the school. Commercial posts alternated with informational and entertaining to attract additional audience.

An important aspect of filling an account is highlights (pinned stories). They contain all the important information for a new user in a concise and understandable form, fixed at the very top of the page. This is very convenient for visitors who are switching from ads to their account for the first time and get acquainted with the course.

We have highlighted such highlights: about us, life hacks, reviews, training.

Creation of an advertising account

Running ads is impossible without creating an advertising account on Facebook. Our specialists set up a profile for efficient work from scratch.

Determination of the target audience and goals of the advertising campaign

Even at the audit stage, we identified the main target audiences of the school – these are high school students who are preparing for the EIT; students; parents of schoolchildren; adults who want to learn English for work or travel.

We chose the goal of the AC “lead generation” to form a client base. We set up the target audience for each ad, developed creatives (photos and texts) according to the chosen strategy.

Test period

To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and make the necessary changes, to teach Facebook to get to the right target audience, the ad must work in the test period for about 7 days. After that, we evaluate which advertising campaigns give the best results, turn off or recycle ineffective ad campaigns to avoid “draining” the budget.

Lead processing

Each lead is a person interested in learning English, who left their contacts in the Facebook form.

Lead processing happens on the client side, but we can provide guidance on how to communicate with potential buyers to increase conversions.

This method of attracting students is fast, efficient, allows you to form a client base at the early stages of a project launch, and increase audience loyalty.

Полученный результат Result

The first launch of advertising campaigns was carried out at the end of February 2022. In connection with the beginning of the war, advertising did not have time to work out and give a result.

We returned to work on the project again and launched advertising in July 2022. As a result, after passing the test period, we consistently receive from the RK:

  • 3-4+ leads per day (21-28+ leads per week);
  • CTR – 4.36%
  • The cost of 1 lead is 40 UAH

After talking with the manager, the conversion of leads into customers is 10%. Mostly – for a quick course lasting 1 month.

More details about the results of the work can be found in the table:

MonthNumber of leadsPrice for 1 lead, UAHTotal spent, UAH

At the same time, the conversion of potential customers on Instagram has increased.

We continue to cooperate with the project, we are planning to launch an advertising campaign with new goals and connect additional promotion channels!

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